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Ground color Discharge print series

Process flow of Reactive Dye Ground color Discharge print:

Ground color dip dyeing or Pad dyeing ---→ stentering ---→ printing ---→ Drying ---→ Steaming ---→ Countercurrent boiling wash ---→ post-processing

Discharge print method:

1, White discharge paste   2, VAT Dye discharge paste  
   Rongalite 150g    Discharge reduction Dye Xg
   Water 150g    Rongalite 100-200g
   potassium carbonate 100g    Glycerin 50-100g
   Brightener 2-5g    potassium carbonate 150g
   Water Xg    Whitener W 50-100g
   printing and dyeing adhesive 200-400g    Water Yg
       printing and dyeing adhesive 200-400g
  1000g   1000g

3, Steaming

Steaming by High temperature of saturated steam 102-105 DHS C, 15 minutes, or 130 DHS C, 8 minutes.

4, Countercurrent boiling wash

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