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Direct fast dyes

Dyeing Process:

1. Dyeing of T/C or T/R

Dyeing process of the disperse & D type direct blend dye in one bath in one step:

2. Dyeing process of cotton textile:


1. Levelling agent: Dosage of leimibang A (or detergent 613)(g/L)

Pale: 1.5-2g/L;

Medium: 1-1.5g/L;

Heavy: 0.5-1g/L;

(Pingpingjia is used as levelling agent, but the dosage is reduced by 1/2. However, it is best that the levelling agent is added in before the dyestuff is added in, so as to ensure the evenness of dyeing.

2. Accelerating agent: Dosage of glauber's salt (Na2SO4)(g/L)

Pale: 2-5g/L;

Medium: 5-10g/L;

Heavy: 10-20g/L;

(It is better that the accelerating agent is added in the halfway of dyeing, so as to prevent motted apperarance which is caused by higher initial dyeing rate. Sometimes, salt can be used, but the dosage can be reduced by 1/2-1/3.)

3. Color fixing

After dyeing, the loose color on fabric must be thoroughly cleaned away. Color fixing with alkalinity should be avoided.

Color fixing agent 0-4%(o.w.f)

Bath ratio 1:10-20,50ºC×20min

The proper ph value is 6(using HAC to adjust), which is useful for prevent dye agglomerated, so as to improve color fixing effect.

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